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Finding the Next Cloud ERP for Large, Medium and Small Enterprise

Small, Medium and Large Cloud

Are you planning to switch to Cloud ERP?

We have the right solution for your large, medium and small enterprise. Our exclusive Cloud solutions are perfect for mail order, distribution, wholesale, ecommerce and manufacturing companies. We are a reliable and experienced ERP solution provider in partnership with various ERP vendors to provide the right Cloud solutions for our clients.

If you are evaluating business solution that connects financial accounting to EDI and CRM, it would be best to partner and work with CloudERP2020. By doing so, you can have an expert on your side and guide you with a clear 2020 vision.


At Cloud ERP2020, we provide ERP consulting, Implementation and support to clients who have engaged our practice in delivering the best ERP migration experience.

We partner with our clients and be able to deliver innovate solutions. This includes our involvment early on during design study, nurturing our clients with ERP best practices, new approaches with out of the box thinking, with proven Implementation methodologies, techniques and tools.

We cover end-end during the pre & post sales so our clients get the most value from our partnership.

Access Anywhere,

On-Premise or Hosted.

Bring your detailed business plan and allow us to review your business requirements to determine which model works best for your business, whether hosted or On-Premise can actually save your money . We will also figure out if your business requires dedicated hosting in running your business.

  • SaaS Hosting - this provided businesses secure, cost effective and affordable place to host their exclusive ERP software. This entails thousands of savings on infrastructure cost, no software, no hardware and definitely no maintenance to think and worry about.

  • On Premise/Perpetual Licensing - If you have the desire to host this yourself on your exclusive in-house hosting or dedicated servers, then you are given the option to purchase ERP licensing and access the system on personal private cloud.

When you switch to Cloud ERP effective solutions, you will be surprised with how much you can save.

OnCloud hosting or On-Premise hosting

Cloud ERP Advantages

Secure Cloud


Personal data are secured in Cloud and with cloud hosting and automatic backup solutions, your enterprise information and data are backed and are accessible all the time.

Scale your ERP Business


Cloud ERP provides scalability, so you are able to scale depending on your business needs. If you want to improve your processing capability of increase the number of active users, you actually can because cloud delivers scalability.

Customizable ERP


Cloud ERP also provides comprehensive and reliable ERP solutions for businesses equipped with the significant features to take their businesses on new heights.



Cloud ERP is noted for its flexibility, allowing individuals to figure out their budget, pace, working style and requirements. You can pick up the most ideal plan that suits your needs.

Our Customers save 30-50% by switching to Cloud Solutions.

Schedule a Demo

Let's schedule DEMO time, let's guide and implement "Right ERP solution", one that fits your business needs and budget.

Embrace Cloud ERP, Let's Take Your Business To Year 2020.

Business Verticals

Cloud ERP for Small, Medium and Enterprise companies for US, Canada, Mexico and other countries available in multi-lingual and multi-currency.


ERP for Retail Industry Retail-this includes cash register, POS or Point of Sale System, Android and iPad solution and integrated system of payment.
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ERP for Wholesale Industry Wholesale-this features financial accounting, B2B ERP exclusive features and sales and purchase module.

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ERP for Ecommerce Industry Ecommerce-this includes multi-channel marketing, SEO friendly features, integrated ecommerce and more.

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ERP for Services and Mail Order Industry

Services offered include project accounting, financial accounting, expense and time management and CRM solutions. You will be working with experts in the industry.

We have several implementations and our team of professionals can fully understand your unique business process, support and more.

CloudERP2020 has successfully established itself in the industry and the company has all the means and capacity to address your business needs.

What Our Customers Say

Audio/Video Services

We were able to realize our investment within a year of switching to Cloud ERP solution, our business grew significantly and we cut down on IT Hardware, Software and Maintenance cost. With cloud hosting we are covered and able to scale our business across multi-locations, the best ERP migration experience.

Kelly, CTO - M3 Technology.

Mail Order/E-Commerce

Working with CloudERP2020 we were able to siginficantly increase our market share in collectible coin industry. CloudERP2020 handles al our marketing strategy to stay on top of our competitors. With strong understanding of our business and dedicated support we are happy campers with CloudERP2020.

Ken, Owner - CCC Collectibles.


Atlas Model Railroad has been in business more than 25+ yrs and we wanted to work with ERP experts and happy to find CloudERP2020, they migrated our legacy ERP to Cloud solutions, we are quite happy with our ERP Partner with such varied expertise in field of ERP, Cloud hosting and Business solutions.

Cynthia, IT Manager - Atlas.

Cloud ERP Case Study:
ERP Consulting for M3 Tech
M3 Technology Group boosts revenue by 60% by switching to Cloud ERP with SaaS hosted solution.
M3 realized it takes lot of effort to customize old legacy systems and worth switching to new Cloud solution, after seeing a few demos and learning about Cloud ERP unlimited user pricing model and its deep customization potential, Burns was convinced. "It appeared to have everything we wanted and the project accounting we really needed,".

Kelly Burns, CTO - M3 Technology.