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Cloud ERP Expected to Drive SMB Growth in the Next Two Years

Cloud ERP Expected to Drive SMB Growth in the Next Two Years, so you either transform or die with legacy solution. We are increasingly seeing more vendors offering cloud based solutions and our customers are eager to switch over from legacy to cloud solutions.

IDC's Top Technology Predictions For 2016

  • By 2020, almost 50% of IT budgets will be tied into DX (digital transformation) initiatives.
  • By 2018, Line of Business (LOB) executives will control 45%+ of all IT spending worldwide, over 60% in the U.S.
  • By 2017, over 50% of IT spending will be for new technologies (mobile, cloud, big data, etc.).

It's time to migrate to Cloud Solutions, before your left behind.

Cloud ERP Implementation - Myths and pitfalls to avoid

ERP Software Myths, How to avoid costly mistakes?

ERP Myth Buster - Business often believe in cutting corners and trying to do it all by themselves without proper guidance and experience you will often end up with horror stories, Few software myths we have identified below for you.

Myth #1: I can do it myself.
Myth #2: I can hire developers and implement myself
Myth #3: It's not that hard to integrate and manage without IT support.

There are several myths people believe and end up costing more to Company when you skip the
basics and choose not to work with industry experts.

Why is it so important to have ERP experts guide you through Evaluation of the software?

ERP Implementation is not everybody's cup of tea, the experts would have spent more than 5+ yrs in learning the software, being trained and certified, building expertise in industry, implementing on-site
in real world and interfacing with various type of business, industries and customers.

So by working with ERP experts who have done this in the past and who can guide you to your successful implementation, you will gain and avoid costly mistakes.

CloudERP2020 is Cloud initiative by ERP experts who have 20+ yrs of ERP experience in implementing solutions across various industries and business across the world. Check us out at

Launching CloudERP2020 ERP Consulting, Cloud Solutions for Business

CloudERP2020 is new initiative to help business leverage Cloud Solutions and benefits. 

We been consulting for more than 15 years in ERP space helping mid-size business in retail, wholesale, distribution and e-Commerce companies across North America. We recognized early on business is changing with newer models that impacts your operations and we want to offer our customers cloud solutions to cut cost and be able compete in the changing global market.

We offer ERP evaluation, consulting, implementation and support, so you can be rest assured your in good hands, and we let you focus on improving your business while we figure out the best solution that fits your business model and needs.

Check us out at for our consulting expertise and solutions.