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Cloud ERP Order Management, your distribution needs to evolve

Key reasons Your Order Management has to Evolve

 Over years we have seen eCommerce explosion in every industry, starting early 2000 business wanted their website to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and Google dominated the search world and it still does, which lead to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and yet again Google prevailed with Google Adwords.

The eCommerce industry spiked with Amazon and eBay major players who influenced online shopping frenzy attracting more and more merchants to publish their product offerings. Google stepped in with Price comparison engine (Froogle) and offered free services and finally turned into Paid Listing Ads (PLA) keeping their business relevant.

With latest announcement from Google to show  "Buy" button on product placement Ads on Mobile phones will directly target all major shopping players this might take away all your shopping clicks and traffic to your eCommerce website and instead allow shoppers to place order instantaneously with one click on Google.

This is huge game changer, they can disrupt Amazon and Ebay by keeping the internet search traffic and now the shopping traffic inside Google, what does this mean to Merchants across various industries? 
Well if your business starts to scale and you end up pushing your products to Multi-Channel you will need robust Cloud solution that can allow to process incoming orders from various sources into your ERP system.

ERP vendors or solution providers should start thinking how to integrate Multi-Channel ordering system in real time, so shoppers who are buying with one click needs those products shipped at faster rate and keep up with customer satisfaction.

We at CloudERP2020 anticipate changes and educate our clients about the latest trends in the market and help them build interfaces to integrate with third party order system using web services, API or SDK and allow Cloud solution to scale.

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