ERP Implementation and Support Services

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a particular business management software allowing organizations to utilize a system of incorporated applications in managing business and automating various back office functions that are related to services, human resources and technology.
The most crucial phase of ERP is the implementation. Here at CloudERP2020, we measure twice and we cut once.

ERP Implementation Services

- We fully understand that one size does not suit all, so we provide several exclusive packages that conveniently fit your budget and needs. These packages are as follows:
Foundation Implementation
Foundation Implementation Package
Our initial foundation package is ideal for small businesses that are getting started with Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP for their respective business and then switched originally from accounting software to standard ERP system.
This exclusive implementation package enables us to configure install standard Chart of Accounts or COA, few purchasing and sales structure and accounting fundamentals to get you business going and operating off the ground.

Business Implementation Package
Business Implementation Package
One size does not fit all and in some cases, you ended up with general workflow or canned templates in your business operation and practices. Your specific ERP solution may not cater to particular business needs. In our convenient Business Implementation Package, we can address your unique business needs so that you can manage and run your business’s workflows and rules, configure COA and then import essential data on specific formats.

You can also create logo attachments and custom reports, set up accounting, banking, ecommerce website, CRM, credit card transactions and more to ensure that all things are prepared to go live and keep running within three to six months time frame.

Advanced Custom Implementation Package
Advanced Implementation Package
Scaling beyond the box is one thing that your business needs. We step into the scene with our unrivalled expertise of mapping such data when transferring from non-integrated and third party systems or further ERP solutions.
We are much willing and available to work as your consultant as we get the necessary job completely done.
We bring in data from your former solution to the newest ERP according to their data schemes.
We also configure the present system to your specific business needs. In this advanced package, we will cover all custom meta-data, import and map them to relevant fields into the newest system.

99% is our Implementation success rate over last 10 years, find out how we achieve it.

Our Implementation Methodology


We take a three-step approach namely, plan, develop and then support. A customization goes over think-tanks that will work and determine your exact business requirements, map this to effective product functionality. They will brief and orient our development team. Our team works closely on specs and prepares the prototype ready for the beta testing.


Our dedicated implementation team works competently in mapped data and specific Enterprise Resource Planning checklist. The team gets essential data imported and configured so that we can begin testing and evaluating the system. We will also facilitate minor backup and tweaks and then repeat the process in case the situation calls for it.

Test & Go Live

We allow our clients test the system as soon as it is ready so that they can manage business scenarios and make sure that all essential data are intact. Clients will also understand workflows in managing their business under the newest system. Once all set and ready, we will make finalization and go live.
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Test & Live