Hosting - SaaS or On Premise

We got you covered - AWS, Rackspace, Azure and Others.

Hosting Solutions

SaaS, On-Premise hosting.

  • SaaS Hosting - Opt to host your Cloud ERP on shared hosting or dedicated server hosting, we manage it all. With Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure or any other provider. Secure, reliable, backup policies and 24*7 availability.

  • On premise - You have infrastrucure in-house, let us host your Cloud ERP on your network in private cloud and manage your upgrades, customizations and integrations.

  • No expensive Software or Hardware cost
  • Reduce IT Budget, no dedicated resource needed.
  • Protect your infrastructure.
  • Scheduled Backups, Safe and Secure
  • PCI compliant and Industry ready
  • Explore Cloud offerings and Save.

SaaS Cloud Hosting  

SaaS - Software As A Service

For many small and midsize businesses, choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) provides the benefits of an enterprise-class solution without the enterprise IT budget.
With Cloud ERP hosted on SaaS environment, you can access your ERP anytime, anywhere, from Internet-connected device. You can pay as you go, and easily scale resources up or down based on growth or changing business needs.
Free yourself from the complexities and costs of managing hardware and maintaining software. Cloud hosting is designed to deliver the highest levels of security, availability, and performance.

SaaS Benefits

  • No hardware or software cost, all hosted in the cloud
  • No IT maintenance required, all data is backed up
  • 99.9% of Uptime of Cloud ERP applications*
  • Subscription based payment, low cost to subscribe

On Premise Cloud Hosting 

On Premise / Dedicated Server Hosting

For many midsize businesses, choosing On Premise or dedicated server provides the benefits of an customized enterprise-class solution that could be managed with few resources.
With On Premise hosted environment, you can access your ERP anytime, anywhere, from Internet-connected device. You can scale your business and integrate with other third party services for changing business needs.

On Premise/Dedicated Server Benefits

  • Scale your business as you grow
  • Custom integration capabilities
  • 99.9% of Uptime of Cloud ERP applications*
  • One time investment for hardware/software

Our Hosting Providers

Key Indicators

Every Business Owner's BIG Questions

  • Can your existing ERP software handle more orders through various channels?
  • - Accept more orders through Omni-channel - Web, Phone, EDI, Amazon, Ebay and other channels.
    - Process orders and allocate stock as you recieve them, manage your inventory and business workflows with easy.
    - Pick, Pack and Ship your orders, notify your customers and vendors on orders and stock availability

  • Is your purchasing process falling behind?
  • - Establish centralized and optimized purchasing workflow within your ERP system
    - Analyze Suppliers cost and your sales forecast to decrease lead time to fulfill your future orders
    - Allow Vendors to interact with your portal and increase efficiency with less man power.

  • How do you manage your inventory?
  • - Track every SKU in your warehouse, get real time stock updates with easy
    - Manage multiple warehouse, locations and branches and stock transfer between them to move your goods.
    - Push your inventory across multi-channels, and keep track of sales/purchasing.

Let's us implement powerful distribution ERP features for your business, makes world of difference in wholesale business.

Case Studies

Secure Cloud

Hobby & Collectible Industry

On Premise Hosting: Hobby and collectibles wholesale business located in New Jersey needed powerful ERP solution integrating their backend ERP and ecommerce for wholesale order automation industries.
- Cynthia, IT Systems New Jersey

Scale your ERP Business

Audio/Video Turnkey Service Provider

SaaS Hosting: Tennesse Audio-Video turnkey provider were looking for ERP solution with powerful CRM and Professional Service automation to serve their customers and track time and material.
- Kelly, CTO, Nashville, TN. .

Customizable ERP

Online Pharmacy

Dedicated Hosting/Co-Location: Pharmaceticual company were looking for integrated ERP system to automate their pet pharmacy product line and seeking to replace their legacy ERP and home grown ecommerce solution.
- Robert, IT Head, Irvine, CA.


Wholesale Apparel

On Premise: Penn state wholesale apparel, family owned business needed to upgrade their legacy old ERP system to Cloud ERP solution with no user license restrication and ability to handle huge volume of orders from website and wholesale business.
- Kevin, Owner, PA.

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